Horse Book Reviews to Inspire and Delight!

This section on horse book reviews allows me to share my passion for reading and learning about horse care and training young horses with you! As much as I enjoy being outside hanging with the horses in the pasture or working and playing with them in the arena, I never seem to tire of reading new books about horses...or old favourites.

As this area of Tender Loving Horse Care grows, I’ll try and keep the books organized by topic, so that it’s easy to find a review of just the right book.

Horse Care Books

Horse Training Books

Horse Health Books

Horse Philosophy Books

Please note: Not every book I’ve read and reviewed is a reflection of my own thoughts and beliefs about horses and horse care. There is of course value in reading and learning from a wide variety of people and perspectives. Even if you only learn that you want to avoid a particular method or idea, you’ve still learned something!!

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