Horse Care Tips to Keep Your
Horse Healthy and Happy!

This page is a jumping off point to a collection of the best horse care tips that visitors send me, so that together we can create an easy to access resource for a variety of common issues and concerns for horse lovers and owners!
The world of horses is so vast and there are so many important topics to cover, but I need to start with what I think is one of the key horse health problems facing horses and owners: Hoof care

As you may know, one of the most deadly conditions facing today's horses is equine laminitis, often called founder or just laminitis. In acute cases it is an extremely painful separation of the hoof wall, which can result in horses being euthanized.

Laminitis is a preventable and treatable condition! It takes time, patience and knowledge, and while it can get expensive if you rely solely on farriers and vets to do all the work, there is a lot you can do as a horse owner to help treat and heal your horse!

My # 1 Tip is to learn about horse hoof care.

The best sources of information I've found are from Pete and Ivy Ramey and Jaime Jackson. If you do nothing else for your horse today, visit their websites, explore and if possible look into purchasing or borrowing their books and DVDs.

To visit the Rameys' site to learn more about barefoot trimming and all aspects of natural hoof care visit Hoof Rehab.

To learn how your horses environment can play a key role in natural hoof care visit Jaime Jackson's site Paddock Paradise.

I talk lots more about natural hoof care on the Hoof Care page!

What's YOUR # 1 Horse Care Tip ?

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