Tips to get your horse to love and trust you

by Ally

#1 first after every rider throw the reins over the horses head a get them to follow you it helps you build a connection ,gets your horse to trust you, and looks super cute. :)

#2 Brush them regularly go 1 day a week if you can to just spend 30 minutes brushing your horse

#3Fool around with them try and teach them tricks set up a course in the arena for you and your horse to do on feet

#4Ride bareback so the connection that you feel when your ridding goes deeper then just the saddle

#5 set up some trust lessons on the horse where you get them to step on a soft but weird object, Jump as high as you can then get them to go through small poles then add a scary jump after them, get them to canter in water, and get them to jump land with a plastic cover or put that before the horse.

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