What are Saddle Trees?

Western Saddle on Horse
Properly fitting saddle trees are vital!

If the saddle you choose doesn't fit your horse well, it can create pressure points in your horses back, saddle sores, or cut off circulation to your horse's muscles.

This can cause instant discomfort, pain and long term tissue and joint damage.

Not something anyone who provides horse care wants for their partner and friend.

While there are many obvious differences between english and western saddles, both styles are usually built upon a tree, which is essentially a hard frame~made of wood and rawhide, wood and metal, plastics or other synthetic materials~that the other components are attached too.

Custom made saddle tree
Click here or on the image to see how a custom western tree is made at FreckersSaddlery.com

A properly built tree that fits your horse will disperse your weight and keep pressure from pushing directly onto your horse's spine.

Like with so many things, the quality and craftsmanship can vary by huge degrees. It is possible to find a used saddle for sale for $100.00, but you have to seriously question whether this is a piece of tack able to support you and keep your weight safely off your horse's delicate spine.

If you can work with the manufacturer or tack store to take proper measurements, fittings, drawings, pictures and even moulds of your horse's back, this will help to you achieve a proper fit. If this isn't an option, be sure that you are at least able to try it on your horse, and go for a ride to make sure it fits and is comfortable and supportive for both of you.

Remember, properly fitting saddle trees are not just for comfort. They help ensure the safety and long term health of your horse's back!

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